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IST - LECTURE 06.03.18 - Jeffery SACHS



Tuesday the 6th of march 2018, our school once again had the privilege to be invited to a lecture at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST) in Klosterneuburg.

This time, one of the world’s most influential economists was invited: Jeffrey D. Sachs, professor at Columbia University, director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and author of a variety of bestselling books.

As always, we had our own bus picking us up from school at five in the evening and we duly arrived at the IST for what was going to be my first lecture of this kind.


The speech would be about the development of the world’s population and economy. Mr Sachs talked about the problems of the continuous growth of population and how education could reduce it, how the centre of economic dominance shifts from Europe and the US to Asia, the climate targets and possible political conflicts. The exceedingly interesting topic and an occasional humorous remark about president Trump made the lecture so diverting, that nobody minded when Jeffrey Sachs overran time by more than half an hour.


In the end, only short time was left for the tasty buffet that followed the lecture and shortly after eight, we already sat in the bus back to Vienna. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this evening and am looking forward to the next IST talk with the physician Anton Zeilinger.



Tim Prager

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