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7AC Galway: Day 4

What’s the craic?


Going to language school again didn’t sound like a lot of fun after our adventurous weekend at the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. However, when our teacher told us that we wouldn´t have to sit in the classroom all day but that we would be going out to interview the Irish instead, we got really excited. Our questions covered topics like eating habits, music, sports, language and also their general knowledge about Austria. It was very interesting but also quite shocking because some people actually thought that Austria was located in France! In another interview one guy estimated the population of Austria to be about 200 million people.


After a short lunch break we headed off to the Galway Aquarium where we did not only see various fish but also were allowed to touch some of them. In the evening our class split up, so while some were exploring Galway’s nightlife until 10 o´clock, others were meeting at a park in Knocknacarra.


Valerie Schrems, Kira Schmuth 7A


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