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DON QUIJOTE und die Sprachen Europas

Don Quijotes Reise - Europa der Windmühlen

4B's multilingual performance celebrating EU's language day





Als eine von zwei Klassen Wiens war die 4B zur Feier anlässlich des Sprachentages im Haus der EU eingeladen. 

Not only did the students have lots of fun learning of a few languages, they had never heard of, 

but they also contributed to the show with a multilingual play.


Seeing that so many different (European) languages are spoken amongst 4B's students they had Don Quijote travel through Europe and meet different people speaking different languages.

The windmills were replaced by electricity generating wind turbines which Don Quijote did not have to fight. He was rather seeking to gain as much information as possible about alternative electricity production throughout Europe.

Before he could even start his trip he had an introduction to alternative energy production in the Asian world.

And was pretty shocked when seeing an ancient windmill in Spain!



Was it possible?! Could this one have the same purpose as these modern electricity generating monster windmills he had seen in Asia.

Well ... he didn't really know an answer to this question. So he decided to go on a journey through Europe.

In France he learnt that nuclear power plants were still high ranking. 

In Italy he heard of different alternative energy forms depending on climate and landscape.

In Croatia he got a tour through two windparks in the mountains!

Don Quijote confused old, very old wells with wind turbines in Hungary,

and learnt that Serbia,


 and Rumania are still trying to increase their alternative energy sources. 

He even went to Russia! Only to hear that there are so many natural gas resources that only a few wind turbines had been built so far ...  in very cold Siberia.

Don Quijote's old friend Sancho Pansa did not make it.

Travelling outside of Spain was not to his liking. Too far from home, donkey too old and not to forget ...  the language problem.  

So multilingual "Europe" helped out and translated to German or English.

Don Quijote ended his journey where he had started it.

To his surprise this old windmill was a tourist attraction!

Nowadays Spain generates the major part of its electricy by wind energy!



 So ... actually ... but no


Don Quijote never realised that he could have stayed home ;-)

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