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3B Data Handling Project 2012/13

Open Day Survey

This survey was carried out during the open day at BRG 19.

Class 3B wanted to find out more about parents and children attending the open day

To collect the data 3B students  asked parents and children attending the open day to fill in a questionnaire.

This data was then represented by pie and bar charts.

Some 3B students even tried to interpret the charts.

Q:  Where do you live?

This bar graph shows how many students and parents come from certain districts.

After drawing the bar graph we figured out that most people interested in our school come from the 19th district. The graph also shows that the fewest people come from the 6th district.

Made by:

Julia, Theresa and Katia


Q:  Where is your first school?

In which districts are the first schools?


19th district 55%

18th district 20%

5th district 10%

22nd district 7,5%

20th district 2,5%

16th district 5%

Q:  How many schools have you visited already?

How many schools have you visited already?


48 people took part.(children and parents)


28 interviewed people visited one school and so this made the first bar be the highest.

The second highest bar was the one with people that visited two schools. The 3rd highest bar was the one with more than 3 schools. The fourth highest bar was the one with 3 schools.






Laurenz , Julian & Aitor

Q:  Sind Freunde Ihres Kindes auch an dieser Schule interessiert?

Q:  Which branch of our school are you interested in?



By Jan and Josh

Q:  What do you like most about BRG19?

The children and the parents liked the students the most (36,5% of the parents and 39,3% of the children).

More parents filled out the questionnaire (36) than children (28).

Most people's least favorite thing was the technical equipment.


By Nicky,Tristan, and Nick

Q:  What is your overall view on BRG19?



The overall view on BRG 19 of the parents who came to visit our school

on "Open Day" is 85% positive and 15% don't know.


On the other hand the overall view of the school from the students is

75% positive and 25% don't know.


This is a very positive first impression on our school!



By Clarisse,Anne Marie and Lola.

Q:  Who chooses the new school?

This piechart shows: "who chooses the new school".

94.6% of the parents choose the school with their children and

5.4% of the parents choose by themselves.


So all (100%) children choose their new school with their parents. None of them is allowed to decide by her or himself.



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