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Mathematics Conference in Stockholm 26. - 29.03

A Comenius project for talented and gifted Maths students and their teachers

Anna Burton and Adam Chalabi (both 7B), two truly talented and gifted Maths students had the chance to get to know Stockholm, some challenging Mathematical problems and last but not least some interesting new people.

After some essential shopping

and not even the opportunity to call home

we had to discover, that CCTV is operated even inside Stockholm's public toilets

but the colourful sight made up for that.

After that amusing tour through Stockholm's most lively parts we finally met teachers and students from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxemburg, Slovakia, South Africa and Sweden at Danderyds Gymnasium, who hosted that short but very interesting and intense conference.

At Danderyds Gymnasium, a school attended by about 1500 16 to 18 year old students, the international group of Mathematicians learnt about the different educational systems of the participating countries, discussed pros and cons, recent and coming-up changes and presented real-life examples of teaching talented and gifted Maths students.

In the meantime these talented and gifted students were challenged in group competitions on clocks and the time


and  had the opportunity to attend  lectures and workshops with students at Danderyds Gymnasium enrolled in the special advanced courses.


Students and teachers had a guided tour through the Mathematical Research Institute Mittag-Leffler, with the most astonishing, huge library of Maths books and magazines, contemporary and antique.

And afterwards we had some interesting lectures on "x2" and a way to see it, one would never have thought of. A big bunny was haunting us for the following days.


... and all of us hope, that networks will be built and discussions and cooperations with Mathematicians from other countries will continue.

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