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Fire-breathing 8B

It was the lesson before Christmas.

But there neither was any snowfall nor were 8B's students in a quiet christmassy mood.

In fact it was just the opposite.

They were breathing and eating FIRE.



So let's start the NEW YEAR with some fireworks!




Julian the Master of Fire-Breathing, introduced the class to the material needed...

a powder made of clubmoss spores

This powder simply has to be blown into an open flame..

... to turn your breath into fire.



Find below the best photos of 8B's fire-breathers.




This was not dangerours at all, so it was decided to take the fire to a differnt level ... FIRE-EATING




In this case we do not tell you how it works because we simply can't give away all our secrets.



               So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!!


                                     And you know

                                            if you want to breath fire

                                               be good in your Chemistry lessons

                                                    then it might work out ... one day in 8th grade!!!


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