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7AC Galway: Day 1



Our first day in Galway started with a huge surprise: the sun was shining! Nevertheless, we had to go to school and sit inside which was extremely hot, because there were no windows we could have opened… At least our teachers were good craic* though! When we were finally done with our lessons, it started to pour. Afterwards, we went on a walking tour. We discovered the town in small groups and it was awesome to see all the main sights like Lynch’s Castle, the Spanish Arch, Eyre Square or the Cathedral. Galway seems to be a place steeped in history, so we learned that people here claim that the phrase “to lynch” is based on a Mayor of Galway named Lynch who hanged his son from his own house after he had been convicted of murder. Moreover, Columbus is said to have prayed at St Nicholas´ Church. And we also learned about the usage and symbolism of the Claddagh Ring. All in all, we really enjoyed our first tour through Galway and we’re all looking forward to the next days!




* an informal expression used in Ireland meaning “Hi you”
*another Irish expression meaning funny or entertaining


Valerie Schrems, Kira Schmuth 7A



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