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7AC Cambridge: Day 1

Candy and Colleges

Today was our first day at language school. Unfortunately, some of us had trouble finding the way to get there. When everyone had finally arrived, we were divided into smaller study groups. We then played several games to learn more about the UK. At break most of us visited the candy shop which is next to our school. The shop looks a bit like the one in Harry Potter. There we saw many amazing sweets which you can‘t find in Austria. 

After the break we had another hour of classes before we ate lunch together in a beautiful park. After lunch two tour guides picked us up at school and we went on an orientation tour around Cambridge.

We learned many interesting facts about the history of Cambridge and got to see the world-renowned Trinity College and Pembroke College.

Once the tour was over, we had some spare time and decided to go explore the city centre on our own before returning to our homestays and spending the evening with our host families.


- Corinna Polt, 7C



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