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7AC Cambridge: Day 3

A Cup of Tea under the Apple Tree

Our third day here in Cambridge didn’t go entirely to plan, but was great nonetheless. Classes at language school were good: First, we talked about legal differences between Austria and the UK; then, we explored different subcultures like Hippies, Punks or Hipsters. We also had to figure out which subculture we would belong to. The results differed greatly - some of us were Hipsters, some were Ravers and some of us were Fans. 

In the afternoon, we had planned on going punting, but it was way too windy so our traditional Cambridge Punt on the River Cam got postponed to the next day. Instead, we decided to experience the English countryside on a 5.5 km walk from Cambridge to the nearby village of Grantchester. This popular riverside walk took us along the River Cam with lovely views of Grantchester Meadows and the surrounding countryside. After following the riverside path for approximately 50 minutes, we finally reached a gate that took us to the Orchard, an idyllic tea garden with outdoor seating among the apple trees. In the garden, we sat down in deckchairs and enjoyed a traditional English cream tea, sipping tea and munching on some scones with clotted cream and jam. Afterwards, we spent some time chatting and relaxing in the deckchairs before we headed back home.

Despite the unexpected change of plans, the walk was really beautiful and we had a lot of fun!


- Corinna Polt, Nora Machata & Tim Eysselt, 7C




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