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7AC Cambridge: Day 4

Punting and Hunting Ghosts

School was a bit different today. In groups of two to three, we were asked to create our own surveys! After coming up with a number of questions to ask, we went to a mall to interview people. Every group interviewed up to ten people and tomorrow we will present and discuss our results. 

The weather today was really grey and drab, but it was not as windy as yesterday, so we could actually go punting. Punts are flat-bottomed boats (not gondolas!!) designed for use in small rivers or shallow waters and are propelled by pushing against the riverbed with a pole. Punting, therefore, refers to boating in a punt. It was really exhausting for those who had to punt, but it was also a lot of fun and we enjoyed floating around in our little boats. Luckily, nobody fell in the water!

After punting we had some more time to go sight seeing and souvenir shopping on our own or even go home and unwind before some of us met at a restaurant where we enjoyed delicious burgers, fries, and chicken wings.

When it got dark we met with a guide who took us on a ghost tour around the city centre, showing us Cambridge’s most haunted sites and telling ghostly tales and real-life stories of hauntings and scary goings-on. The tour was exciting and it was really funny to see people‘s different reactions to the ghost stories told by our guide.

Like the days before, we enjoyed this day very much and had a lot of fun. 


- Corinna Polt, 7C



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