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7AC - Language trip to Galway

Travel log

Datei: 7A's Ireland travel log

Student voices

"What I really enjoyed were the field trips. Especially the 'lunar landscape' of the Burren region consisting of limestone which we passed on our way to the Cliffs of Moher caught my interest immediately. But relaxing at the beach or strolling around the city were perfect ways to pass the time as well."


"Personally, I really enjoyed this week and had a lot of fun in Galway, Ireland. I think it was an interesting week with a lot of new impressions. Of course, there were some activities that weren't that interesting for me, but that is just my opinion. So I'd like to say thank you that we had the opportunity to go on such a great language trip!"


"There's always a difference if you're at school with your classmates and teachers or if you're in a foreign country on your own. In class you never really have the chance to properly get to know everyone, but when you spend a whole week together you have the time to do so. I had many interesting conversations with different people and I discovered a lot of new things about my classmates. I've gotten closer to some people with whom I've never had a very strong connection."  


"Overall I enjoyed Galway very much! Even though it was quite difficult not to get sick. :)"


"Hours of waiting for the bus, bland food, multiple cases of sick students and some superfluous trips - these could be the memories of Galway that will stay with me for decades to come. But I want to remember completely different things: walks by the sea, barefoot on the sandy beach, music in my ear; deep and less deep conversations with people I had never really talked to before; having to take care of half the class because they all have no sense of direction and just blindly followed me everywhere; the discovery of Cold & Flu Relief, which will save our lives many times in the future; this incredible feeling of freedom when standing on the cliffs, your arms streched out and ready to fly away. Those are the memories I want to keep in my heart. Those are the kind of memories you travel for. Those are the kind of memories you live for. And because of those memories, it was a great week."

A week in pictures

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