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ENGLISH POETRY: Schüler/innen dichten

Im Modul "English Poetry" (Wintersemester 2009/10) wurde nicht nur der theoretische Rahmen für die englischsprachige Lyrik des 19. und 20.Jahrhunderts erörtert (poems, poets, literary movements, rhetoric...), sondern zum Abschluss auch praktisch gearbeitet: Es wurde fleißig gedichtet. Das Engagement war erfreulich groß, die Ideen vielfältig. Und: Die Ergebnisse können sich sehen lassen! Hier eine kleine Auswahl:





I'm familiar to enough of these world's words,

but my mind is blurred and my thoughts are stirred,

I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't know how to prevent this,

whatever I write it all seems to be senseless,

how am I supposed to present this?


I'm still sitting here, stuck in this writer's block,

half past midnight strikes the clock,

I've got something on the tip of my tongue,

but it just won't seem to slip off the tongue.


Nothing really seems to be inspiring,

and the frustration in this situation is tiring,

damn it, I'm done

I guess today those rhymes just won't come.


                          Stefan Lenglinger, 7B





I look out of the window

I see white everywhere

The sound of a black crow

Is ringing in the air


I walk onto the street

Cold touches my face

White covers my feet

Feels like a new place


All I see is white

It takes my breath away

It's such a beautiful sight

On this wonderful clear day


The smell of winter rises to my nose

My body is really starting to get cold

But that doesn't really bother me

Cause this moment makes me so happy


                Elena Skarnes, 7B



Christmas Rush


Ten thousand bodies rush

up and down through slush.

The boulevard is raided

by restless ants that worry

about millions of gifts, they hurry

till all patience has faded.


                Matthias Brenner, 8B





Walking down the street

where trees and snow meet.

OH. What a sight,

this world in white.


Now I'm in the wood

thinking about all the good

not noticing the ice

       OOH, not nice.

Hoping I won't slide

       ooops, too late, losing my pride

       OWE, that hurts!


               Veronika Kocmata, 7C



Black Santa


People think Santa is white,

but that's not right,

People even think he might be Japanese,

but he ain't even Chinese,

cuz last night I saw him with his sack,

and guess what? - He was black.


           Kevin Chaudhry/Stefan Lenglinger, 7B



Couldn't sleep


Couldn't sleep for a week

My bed became my coffin

Can't breathe, can't speak

My head is a bomb, need coffee!

Hypnotized by the moon

Silently, rising soon

Again this emptiness

Counting sheep

Thoughts of nothingness

Stealing my sleep


                   Alix Stria, 8B



P.S.: Mehr Gedichte sind am Board beim Lehrerzimmer zu finden!

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