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Information to ordering pictures and EDU Card


·       PHOTOSETS must be proactively ordered but also CANCELLED within

3 weeks after having received the mail from STARFOTO

             If you do not order or cancel your order within 3 weeks of receiving the email from     

            STARFOTO, a basic photoset will be sent to your homeadress (this can be returned at

            school if you do not wish to keep it)


·       EDU CARD can only be ordered by students in first and fifth grade and new students (the card is always valid for 4 years, or until the end of 4th grade, end of 8th grade)

The card must be ordered proactively via the STARFOTO link (email or QR code) and will be sent to the home address

Ordering process / prices / deadlines:


Ø  Fill out and sign the STARFOTO consent form and hand it in to the class teacher (applies to first and fifth grades, as well as new students)

Ø  Each student receives an individual QR code for the link to the ordering process at the photo appointment

Ø  Sibling and friendship photos are possible, please let the class teacher and photographer know RIGHT AWAY, there is no time to wait

Ø  As soon as the photos for the order are online, you will receive an e-mail from STARFOTO with the information about it

Ø  within 3 weeks after receiving the email, you can select different sets to order or also put together individual sets

Ø  Shipping is free of charge from an order value of € 30,-, sets of siblings can be put together in one shopping cart

Ø  Within 3 weeks, unwanted photos must be proactively CANCELLED via the link (2 reminder emails will be sent within the 3 weeks)

Ø  If the order is not canceled, a basic photo set will automatically be sent to the home address for viewing. If you do not want to keep it, you can simply return it to the school. Sets that are not returned must be paid for

Ø  For students in the first and fifth grades as well as new pupils (and ONLY for them) there is the possibility to order the EDU Card, this must be done proactively, otherwise the child will not receive an EDU Card

Ø  EDU Card will be sent to the home address by post (together with any photos ordered)

Ø  If the EDU Card is ordered within 3 weeks, the special price of € 2,90 applies, if ordered later it costs € 4,-

  • if reissued due to loss € 10,-.
  • If a photo privatly taken is used (e.g. for new students who missed the date of photographer at school) the price is also € 10,-.

Datei: PDF with the information

Link: What to do when EDU Card is lost

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